Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Lair of Great Ideas

One day I'll post a poem I wrote years ago in response to a friend's complaint on how she never could seem to find the words to write, that poetry would forever elude her.

But in truth, we have these lairs, these dens of incredible ideas.

If you're like some people, that takes the form a journal or notebook. For more and more, it's a smart phone or tablet. And for a daring whimsical few, it might be post-it notes.

Sure, they may not be the most durable or accessible or reliable, but they are there - storehouses of creativity just waiting for their day to be transplanted into reality.

For me, I have several of these depositories. Moleskins, my phone, my laptop, this blog...none are truly brimming to the point of overflowing, and yet I may never have enough time in the world to exhaust all of these great ideas.

And I'm not talking just for writing. There are ideas for inventions and "stuff". Like that one idea I had for that thing...yeah, it's somewhere in this mess.

And now that National Novel Writing Month is ramping up, ideas are drifting between thunderous  epiphanies and anxious gasps of desperation. Some are right there - shiny, larger-than-life, charming knights in white light where others are clinging, scratching grasping and kicking to stay in the dark.

Only you can decide if what glitters is truly gold and what's screaming to be left alone is treasure worth rescuing.
But there they are; ideas in their lair.

Greetings - Welcome to my writing world

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